CineTIMBER PRO is designed to achieve similar levels of sound insulation and vibration isolation as typical concrete tiered seating structures by inducing additional mass. This can be achieved by hanging undercroft ceilings from the structure and/or pre-compressing the CineTIMBER PRO isolators.

CineTIMBER PRO utilises composite stadia decking made from plywood, dense plasterboard and in some cases cement particle board to achieve very high levels of sound insulation without using concrete. While CineTIMBER PRO is based on a timber frame it does not require one and is used regularly as a lightweight steel frame/ timber stadia hybrid.

CineTIMBER PRO Natural Frequency and Warranty
CineTIMBER PRO Technical Diagram with labels

Technical specifications are available on RIBA NBS Plus and NBS Create for rapid import.


Key Features

ƒn @Operating Load:  12 Hz                Isolator Thickness: 25 mm

ƒn @Dead Load:  14 Hz                        Isolator Type: Point Load, Bespoke-cut

Max Pressure: 0.8 kN/mm2                   Warranty: up to 10 Years

Max Live Load:  4x Dead Load

CineTIMBER PRO systems can be designed to achieve similar levels of sound insulation and vibration isolation as typical concrete tiered seating structures by inducing additional  mass by hanging undercroft ceilings from the structure and / or  pre-compressing the acoustic isolators.

The CineTIMBER PRO system does not necessarily require  a timber frame and is used regularly as a lightweight steel  frame / timber stadia hybrid.

Contact Farrat Technical for further advice and information regarding design.

Performance Graph

CineTIMBER PRO Performance Graph


ISO-9001 Standard
ISO-14001 Standard
Farrat are an Institute of Acoustics Sponsor


Fast and Reliable Global Logistics

CineTIMBER PRO acoustic isolators have a 1-2 week lead time.

We hold stock in the UK, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and regularly export worldwide.

Free Farrat Technical Support

Our team of engineers are always on hand to offer advice relating to specification, detailing and installation of CineTIMBER solutions.

We can deliver this remotely or on-site, anywhere in the world.

Low Life-Cycle Cost

All CineTIMBER PRO acoustic isolation systems are designed and manufactured with ease of installation, durability and follow-on trades in mind.

Fully Certified Solutions from Farrat

CineTIMBER PRO acoustic isolators are manufactured in the UK under an accredited ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Our performance test data is supplied from our in-house laboratory and is regularly checked & referenced with UKAS accredited laboratories.

200 Cinemas Project Experience

We regularly supply CineTIMBER PRO systems to market leading cinema operators.


These include: Cineworld, Vox, VUE, Empire, REEL, Odeon and UCI.

Ordering from Farrat

CineTIMBER PRO Acoustic Isolators

  • Product Code: CineTIMBER PRO acoustic isolators require bespoke calculation and design.
  • Measure: Please refer to the main CineTIMBER Guide for information on ordering bespoke designed isolators.


CineTIMBER PRO Acoustic Washer

  • Product Code: 2CT-P-08/10/12
  • Measure: Acoustic washers are available for M8, M10 and M12 fixings.
    • All fixings through isolators should incorporate an acoustic washer.
    • Fixings to S.E Spec (typically ×2 per connection).
    • Hole for acoustic washer = bolt diameter + 5 mm.
CineTIMBER PRO Acoustic Isolator Example Layout

Contact our Technical Team

Where necessary we can also design bespoke configurations to meet your precise needs. Complete the enquiry form and our Technical Team will be in contact to discuss your project in more detail.

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