Farrat Structural Thermal Break Plug-in for Tekla Structures

A new Tekla plug-in tool enables you to carry out efficient design and detailing of Farrat Thermal Break Plates into structural steel framed buildings.

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Introducing the Farrat plug-in tool, available for Tekla Structures.  This tool facilitates the efficient design and detailing of Thermal Break Plates into structural steel framed buildings.


The tool enables Farrat’s Structural Thermal Break Plates to be incorporated directly into a Tekla user’s BIM model, and automatically integrate with all structural attributes, scheduling and production dimensions.

Once the Farrat plug-in tool has identified a steel connection where a structural thermal break is required, the dimensional and locational information is pulled directly from the connection and the most appropriate Farrat break plate is automatically created. The plate remains linked to the steel connection, so any further design changes are reflected in the thermal break component automatically.

It is also able to automatically assign the correct attributes and weights for the full range of Farrat’s structural thermal break products, meaning that all dimensional, performance and price information can be contained in the object and exported.

Prior to the launch of the Farrat plug-in tool, customers would have had to manually model a generic steel plate with no specific attributes and simply label it as a thermal break plate. We’re pleased to have worked with Trimble Solutions to make our customer’s lives easier.

Helping you to create energy efficient, compliant buildings.

Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks are favoured across the construction industry, as the most efficient & responsible way to thermally separate structural connections and prevent heat loss in the building envelope.  Farrat offer a range of structural thermal breaks including the markets first A2 Fire Rated Structural Thermal Break ‘Farrat TBF’.


The Structural Thermal Break plug-in is now available to download,  visit https://warehouse.tekla.com/ and search for Farrat.

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