Farrat Academy – How to build a skyscraper tower with paper

Homeschooling STEM activities from Farrat to enjoy with your little engineers

In Lockdown 3.0 we understand that home schooling is tough.  If you’re looking for something a bit different, the team at Farrat are putting together a few STEM ideas for the next generation of engineers and scientists, and we’re probably looking to have a little fun too.

Here’s Structural Thermal Break Commercial Manager Chris Lister showing you how to make a skyscraper tower using only two pieces of A4 paper.

How high did you make a tower? 

We’d love to see photos of your project so please email us your photos.  Why not challenge your friends or family to see if they can beat your tower?

If you’ve enjoyed building a tower out of paper and want to try another tower, find out how to build a tower out for straws and tape.

If you’re looking for more ideas for STEM activities from Farrat then take a look at the team’s other videos.



straw tower