Sahil & Shah Full Field Development Project, Abu Dhabi

Tecnicas Reunidas & Initec Plantas Industriales, S.A.U.
Equipment Type
Nuovo Pignone High & Low Pressure Compressors
Key Facts
System Natural Frequency: 8Hz
System Deflection: 6mm
Number of isolators supplied: 348
Total machine and foundation mass: 1,112,000kg

The Challenge

The client had never had to consider vibration control so the design was very closely monitored and controlled due to the critical requirements of the equipment.

There were some key questions posed by the design process. A series of compressors were to be constructed on Desert sand of roughly 5 metres depth meaning that vibration had to be minimised in order to prevent the installation sinking. Further challenges came in the form of high temperature operating conditions and the complex load distribution of off-centre rotating equipment such as the large electric motor and associated compressor equipment skid.

The compressors needed to be located 3.7 metres above ground level to meet up with the pipelines and were being installed in a location subject to an ambient temperature of 58ûC within an open shelter. We were also required to advise on management of the installation process being undertaken by unskilled labour and in a remote location in the middle of the desert 200km south of Abu Dhabi.

The Solution

By the very nature of their high speed and powerful operating requirements pumps and compressors can cause significant noise and vibration disturbance. On such a high cost project it was vital that Farrat guide the client who had limited experience of isolated foundations right through the process.

We provided highly detailed information as well as developing detailed static and dynamic performance calculations of the isolated foundation system. We then developed a detailed budget to include all materials for the execution as well as the works supervision on site. We were guided by very strict delivery demands which we had to fulfil in order to get the items delivered to Abu Dhabi and we ensured the utmost in flexibility to the client’s needs when it came to supervising the installation

Félix Ustáriz
Civils & Structures Manager, Initec Plantas Industriales, S.A.U.
Farrat's technical expertise and their close communication at all stages of the project ensured a successful solution to our unique challenges.

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