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Metal Coil

From roll grinders to rolling mills we can support, level and control vibration in all cases.

Benefits of controlling vibration

Controlling vibration is a critical aspect of the metal coil processing industry as it can affect both the quality of the processed material and the safety of the workers. Vibration can lead to defects in the coils, reduce the efficiency of the processing equipment, and create an unsafe working environment.

Quality control: Vibration can cause defects in the processed coils, such as scratches, dents, and deformations, reducing their quality and value. Controlling vibration can help to minimise these defects and ensure that the coils meet the required specifications.

Equipment performance: Excessive vibration can reduce the efficiency of the processing equipment, leading to slower processing times and increased energy consumption. Controlling vibration can help to optimise equipment performance and reduce operating costs.

Worker safety: Vibration can create an unsafe working environment, leading to injuries, accidents, and health problems. Controlling vibration can help to reduce the risk of these hazards and create a safer workplace for your employees.

Equipment lifespan: Vibrations can cause premature wear and tear on the processing equipment, reducing its lifespan and increasing maintenance costs. Controlling vibration can help to extend the equipment’s lifespan and reduce the need for repairs or replacements.

Full range of support

Farrat support the full range of manufacturing processes that may include melting, casting, rolling, annealing, grinding and finishing. Although it is a global industry we travel to customer sites around the world to conduct vibration analysis for leading brands in the industry. We understand the regulations and standards, particularly with regard to safety and environmental practices. Our experience has improved the working environment to protect workers from the affects of vibration generated in a range of processes and machinery. Our range of case studies demonstrate this.

We carry out vibration surveys to identify how our systems can most effectively be integrated to minimise vibration control problems, and work closely with clients to optimise our solutions once integrated to reduce vibration transmitted to the surrounding environment and improve productivity.

Whether relocating existing machinery, installing new equipment or are involved in detailing foundations, Farrat have the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for any production facility.

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