Farrat AISS system integrated into the steel frame of new IMAX cinema to accommodate superior sound quality.

6th Feb 2018

Farrat AISS system used to isolate steelwork at Cineworld IMAX cinema in Leeds

Cineworld Cinemas Ltd have opened a new 11 screen state-of-the-art  IMAX cinema in Leeds as part of a four year purpose built retail scheme at White Rose Shopping Centre. The new build, which features the biggest IMAX screen in the country (24 m x 30 m), incorporates the Farrat AISS system to facilitate acoustic isolation of the steel structure for the new-concept Cineworld layout design.

The AISS system developed by Farrat provides an very high level of structure borne noise and vibration isolation as well as a consistent rate of deflection across the entire steel structure, despite a wide variation in load profiles. On this project, Farrat acoustic isolators were designed to achieve an overall system natural frequency of 14Hz as well as being sized to match the baseplate profile to eliminate the risk of debris bridging the cavity.

For more information on acoustic isolation of steel structures, download our AISS Application Guide.

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