In The News – Work starts on the new Cineworld in Hounslow as the first phase of the High Street Quarter’s major regeneration project.

10th May 2019

The ten-screen multiplex cinema will be built using over 1,300t of hot rolled steelwork and will be fully acoustically isolated using the Farrat CineFLOOR PRO and CineSTEEL PRO systems.

BHC Steelwork - Cineworld Hounslow starts on site

When designing an auditorium, it is critical that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised by rigid connection to any surrounding structures.

Systems within the CineFLOOR and CineSTEEL ranges ensure that the most important secondary structures in a cinema are kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens. This keeps cinema sound where it belongs and prevents unwanted noise intrusion.


Isolating Cinema Floors:


Isolating Cinema Raked Seating and Steelwork:

  • CineSTEEL PRO is a NEW grade of high-performance sound insulation developed by Farrat, used to isolate cinema raked seating and secondary steelwork structures.
  • CineSTEEL is primarily intended for use with concrete stadia and is is widely compatible with a variety of steel frame type and baseplate/bolt combinations.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the Farrat CineSTEEL range ahead of launch, please contact our Building Acoustics Team here.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

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