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National Apprenticeships Week – supporting the next generation of engineers

This week is the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships, and Farrat is on a mission to show how accessible mentoring and practical experience is key to ensuring that young people from all walks of life have access to opportunities in engineering and manufacturing.

Farrat will be joining forces with the Social Mobility Foundation, a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for high achieving 16–17-year-olds from low-income backgrounds who have the ability to flourish in the top professions, but who lack the networks and guidance in their field to fulfil their potential.

We will be supporting the Social Mobility Foundation through their Aspiring Professionals Programme, helping students via mentoring, work placements, further education application advice and professional skills development sessions.

Having already worked with the Social Mobility Foundation in 2021, with work placement access for those looking for a good insight into what it means to work for an engineering company with global reach, we are excited to put extended time and effort into nurturing the engineering talent of the future.

Mentors at Farrat

Those from Farrat acting as mentors will support students in a number of ways, including increasing their understanding of their desired career and professional life. The mentoring relationship is extremely valuable in helping to guide mentees through their time on the Social Mobility Foundation programme, their further education or university applications, and in helping them to explore their professional interests further.

“A key part of our Farrat vision is a sustained commitment to local communities, STEM and social mobility, and in 2022 we will be working towards ambitious targets within our social mobility success pillar, to support young and socially disadvantaged people in our community,” states Sally Moxon, Head of People at Farrat.

“At Farrat, we believe it is so important to build a diverse workforce of talent for the future, as well as giving something back to the communities in which we live and work. Our partnership with the Social Mobility Foundation will be instrumental in helping us to provide opportunities to talented young people and help them to fulfil their potential, both now and in their future careers.”

On a mission to reduce the engineering skill shortage in the UK

Not only will this be rewarding for those involved and helpful to the young people being mentored, but this will help to safeguard the future of engineering in the UK.

The UK needs to significantly increase the number of people with engineering skills. In 2014, it was reported that the annual shortfall of STEM skills was 40,000. In 2017, the annual shortfall of the right engineering skills was still anywhere between 25,500 and up to 60000.

We need to double, at least, the number of UK based university engineering students. Encouraging young people from a wider range of backgrounds that might not have had the knowledge or means to go into engineering, will not only reduce this skills shortage, but bring exciting new perspectives to the sector.

Find out more

To learn more about Farrat’s upcoming social mobility projects, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram where we regularly share stories about our people, industries, and the wider community.

Or get in touch with the Social Mobility Foundation to find out more about accessing the Aspiring Professionals Programme.

60 Years Farrat – Daniella




Areas Of Expertise: Engineering, Business, Geography
Education: Secondary School
Time at Farrat: One week work experience during July, 2019

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from Ashton on Mersey in Sale and I am in Year Ten at secondary school, studying Geography, Spanish, Business and Engineering. I am interning at Farrat this summer as part of my School Work Experience.

I chose to do my work experience at an engineering firm like Farrat, as engineering is one of the options I chose to study and I wanted to find out what a career in engineering would be like!


Tell us about your work experience week interning at Farrat?

On my first day, Ginette, an Account Development Specialist for Thermal Breaks, showed me how to talk with customers and input important information into the CRM system, which was really interesting.

After that on Tuesday, I met Adriana who is an Applications Engineer. Adriana introduced me to the Engineering & Design department of Farrat. I was shown some detailed design drawings and was even given a chance to use the design program, AutoCAD. I ended up spending the whole day with Adriana which really opened my eyes to the type of solutions that can be created when you put your mind to it.

On Wednesday I moved over to the Drafting Office and began working with Yohann and Phil, who are both design engineers. I learnt a lot about technical drawing and was challenged to design my own product, a smartphone holder. This involved picking a suitable design then working with Phil to input the design into the SolidWorks program to prepare it for manufacture.

To prepare the design, I had to note all of the dimensions so that manufacturing would know the exact size and some other important details. I then checked to ensure there were no holes where there should not be and that there was a section to place the device onto, to keep the iPhone or iPad stable.

Once the design was finished, I sent design-sheets to the manufacturing department so that my ‘product’ could be precision-cut on the Waterjet. I then watched it being made down in the factory with the manufacturing team, which was something I have never seen before (and it took only about five minutes!).

During my time in the drafting office, Yohann also showed me the various isolation solutions that Farrat develop. He showed me some of the 2D and 3D designs of solutions that Farrat use to isolate cinemas from external sound and other vibrations or disturbances. It was great!

Yohann also explained the function of each of the machines in the on-site R&D lab and explained how Farrat test various materials and products. As part of this, I was able to ‘squish’ a rubber component and watch how it reacted under the pressure – that was really fun!

To end the week, I spent some time with Charlene in Marketing who explained the role of communications and helped me to produce a piece of editorial that I then published on the Farrat website.


You have experienced a variety of interesting roles at Farrat, but which was your favorite?

I really enjoyed the design and manufacturing segments of the week.

Designing and then manufacturing my own phone stand was really fun and taught me each of the steps involved in product development. This is something that I want to do in the future and my time at Farrat has helped to reinforce that ambition.


What are the next steps for you after Farrat?

Next week I am going to present to my Year Ten Class an assessment of my work experience at Farrat. This will cover what I did, everything that I learnt and how I am going to use that in the future.

After Year Ten, I will see whether my school offers engineering in 6th form. If not, I will look to study this further elsewhere, perhaps at college.


Fantastic! Gareth, our Production Manager, has said that you would make a fine Design Engineer. We hope we have given you a great experience and an insight into Engineering.

Thank you for letting me do my work experience at Farrat. You have all made me feel so welcome and I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with.

I really appreciate it and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will miss you all!


Daniella has been an absolutely brilliant Intern at Farrat this summer – attitude, demeanor and work ethic are all exceptional and we have no doubt that she will excel in whatever career she decides to pursue.


If you would like to hear more about the latest news, blogs and more at Farrat, then visit our News page. Alternately, get in touch with us on +44 (0) 161 924 1600 or contact us here.

A Week in the Life of a New Member of the Farrat Team

This month I started working at Farrat as a Marketing Assistant. My role is to act as the primary marketing resource during a period of maternity leave, working with the Commercial Team to deliver the annual marketing plan. Prior to my employment I went through a rigorous recruitment process and was thoroughly overjoyed to be accepted as a new member of the Farrat team. In this blog, I want to share my first week’s experience to give you an insight into the people that make Farrat the remarkable company it is.

Working man and women smiling at a computer screen in an office

Day 1

My first day at Farrat started with a friendly Induction kicked-off by HR Manager Sophie, who introduced me to the Farrat team and ran through my Induction Schedule for the week. I was feeling slightly nervous (as one would feel on their first day) so this helped to settle the butterflies. I was provided with an Induction Pack, which contained an eclectic mix of useful and important documents and was setup at my own workstation with everything I would need. In my inbox, there was an invite to join a welcome lunch with the Marketing Executive, Charlene and Technical Director, Ryan, who kindly wanted to take me out for lunch and get to know me better.

The majority of my first day was spent shadowing colleagues from the Sales & Operations section of the firm, which gave me some great insight into the B2B enquiry process. Faye, the Customer Service Manager, was obliging when offering advice and tips on various aspects of the customer relations part of the company and everyone involved in the Operations part of the office came across as hardworking, dedicated and professional as well as being easy to talk to, which made the first day jitters a lot easier to deal with.


Day 2 & 3

The next day was spent observing various meetings throughout the day. From video-calls with the Swiss arm of Farrat, to meetings involving new Pricing tools, to Commercial Committee meetings involving the CEO, Oliver Farrell – the day was long but rewarding. During these meetings I got to see how the communications between various decision makers took place and how these decisions affected the various projects going forward. Meetings were differed depending on the subject being discussed, but they all involved a fantastic mixture of professionalism, tact, honesty and openness which was refreshing to see. The third day involved more shadowing and meetings, however this time the details of each Commercial division were expanded upon. There were meetings held with the Commercial and Project Delivery Managers, presenting the various products and services they were responsible for, establishing a great foundation of knowledge for each section of the firm.

Man with clipboard smiling while standing in a warehouse/factory

Day 4 & 5

Thursday morning was spent with the Project Engineering Manager discussing the current systems in place and how in the future there would be alterations, improvements and even replacements to the various internal and external systems. This would be with the intention to make the processes smother, easier to use and simpler to do what needs to be done in order to meet the needs the customer and the goals of the company.

Moving on, a meeting was held with the current Marketing Executive, Charlene, and the CEO, Oliver, discussing the marketing efforts of the past year and how to improve going forward. This included metrics for success in 2020 (Marketing Communications-wise), what tools would be used to achieve these objectives, and what would be the main areas to focus on to grow and expand Farrat as a company. This meeting was extremely helpful for my role in the company and like other meetings before, there was an environment of honesty, professionalism and solidarity.

A brief period was also spent with the Research and Development team. Here products are tested to see what the parameters are, how the material will react to certain conditions and to figure out how we could improve our current set of products. The latter half of the day was mostly spent with the Application Manager who was helpful with attaining information for enquiries as well as calculations and tracking of key information.

A bit of time was also spent with the production team members. This is where the magic happens, so to speak. Here, products are produced from raw materials, checked, packaged and shipped to the customer’s required location for final use. My colleagues in this area were very accommodating in explaining how the production process works, from accepting the order to preparation for logistic purposes.

Farrat's main office bullding

Week 1 in Review

The first week at any corporation can be a daunting experience with all the new terminologies, systems and new faces (with names) to navigate through.

Here at Farrat, the experience has been made far easier with colleagues always willing to lend a helpful hand, an insightful tip and share their experience and expert knowledge. And with a focus on quality of product, as well as service, you can see how Farrat has grown over last few years to be the best in Vibration Control, Acoustic and Shock Isolation, Structural Thermal Break Connections and Support & Levelling of Industrial Machinery.

As the saying goes, ‘You’re only as good as the people you work with’, and the people at Farrat are pretty exceptional.

Careers in Acoustics Talk with University of Salford Undergrads

University of Salford Last week Farrat’s Technical Director of Non-Structural Vibration Isolation, Ryan Arbabi, visited the University of Salford to discuss rewarding careers in Acoustics with 1st year undergraduates. 

The vibration control presentation delivered by Ryan covered; why vibration control (isolation) is necessary, what/where to typically Isolate, Vibration Isolation theory, different types of vibration isolation, alongside a showcase of high calibre project examples  as an introduction to a career in Acoustics & to promote our current openings for 2x KTP Research and Development Engineers.

Farrat received great feedback from all the attendees, with most of the students showing interest in an apprenticeship within Farrat with the scope to produce experimental data to be included into research studies.

To find out more about Graduate opportunities at Farrat, or to Apply, visit either of our KTP affiliates:


You can also find out about new opportunities by following @Farrat_Isolevel.

STEM Ambassador Recognition

STEM Ambassador CertificateCongratulations to CEO Oliver Farrell who earlier this week received a certificate of recognition for his efforts as a STEM Ambassador across the 2015/2016 academic year.

The certificate recognises Oliver’s dedication to the programme, working closely with STEM on behalf of Farrat to ensure that every young person across the UK has the opportunity to understand the possibilities that science, technology, engineering and mathematics studies and careers can provide.

The impact of the STEM Ambassadors programme is immense – evidence shows that it not only helps young people achieve their full potential in STEM, but also has positive impacts for teachers and other educators as well as individual STEM Ambassadors and employers who support them.

STEM Ambassador’s truly make a difference to young people as well as being part of a UK-wide community of enthusiastic and passionate volunteers.

Since the programme began, STEM Ambassadors have worked with over 94% of UK secondary schools and nearly one in five UK primary schools. STEM now want to build on this further, including engaging with young people and their influencers through a wider range of community and youth groups – ensuring that young people, regardless of background, can see and be encouraged in the possibilities open to them through STEM.

To become a STEM Ambassador Register here, or visit for more information.

Farrat’s Mission to Engage, Inspire & Educate

Engage, Inspire, Educate


We believe it is never too early to Engage, Inspire & Educate young people in UK Manufacturing and Engineering.

That is why this year, Farrat have been working closely with the IMechE, IStructE, EDT and the Manufacturing Institute alongside others, to develop various STEM initiatives within the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area.

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring some of our most engaging educational and work experience campaigns ahead of Tomorrow Engineers Week #TEWeek16 (7-11th Nov) and the STEM Inspiration Awards 2016 (24th Nov).

To follow our STEM stories, join us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Farrat help Our Futures to support over 3,000 students with valuable work experience placements

Farrat, together with Our Futures, have helped support over 3000 14-19 year old students from local schools and colleges so far this year by providing valuable industry Work Experience placements.

Our Futures is a local Greater Manchester business, which prides itself on developing sustainable relationships between business and education and Farrat are both proud and encouraged that our workplace support has enriched this service by providing tangible, hands-on experience for those looking to explore careers in manufacturing, engineering and design.

Farrat believe that work placements provide an invaluable opportunity for students to work alongside and observe experienced, skilled and qualified staff who can give them a better understanding of the world of work and in turn, for the students to further develop their own employability skills.

Our Futures Certificate