Supporting volunteers within our local community

Manchester-based homelessness outreach

Trafford-based community group G-Force work with vulnerable individuals and families in crisis across Greater Manchester, providing essentials and working with other community groups and schools.

One community group that G-Force has recently partnered with is Don’t Walk Past (DWP), a non-profitable group of volunteers who provide fresh food and water, and essential supplies, to the homeless in Manchester City Centre.

Utilising the £1,000 of funds that were raised and donated by Farrat employees within our Sponsored Lapland Challenge in December 2021, G-Force were able to purchase a months’ worth of ingredients to prepare 80+ 2-course meals per week for the homeless throughout January this year.

The hot meals were prepared by G-Force and DWP teams and distributed to homeless individuals in Manchester City Centre twice weekly, on Monday and Friday evenings.

homelessness meals
homelessness meals

Paul from G-Force praised the fundraising efforts of the Farrat team, noting that “the funding has come just at the right time, as (G-Force) has been struggling to fund this project over the winter months.”

The current scale of homelessness in Manchester

People who are recorded as homeless are experiencing the worst effects of the housing emergency facing the country. Homelessness negatively impacts people’s lives, including their mental and physical health and their children’s health, education, and development.

The number of homeless people in Manchester is currently reported to be almost eight times higher than anywhere else in North West England, according to statistics released by charity Shelter in December 2021.

In England overall, 1 in every 206 people is recorded as homeless.

Dedicated charities such as Shelter work within communities alongside local volunteers such as G-Force, and the DWP team, to provide advice and support services such as one-to-one help with housing issues and homelessness.

We are proud to support G-Force volunteers with this initiative and look forward to continuing our work with them, helping people from a range of backgrounds within our local community to take steps towards a brighter future.


Farrat’s ongoing partnership with G-Force

We will be partnering with G-force in 2022, as part of our ongoing commitment to improving social mobility within our local communities. We are looking forward to continuing our fundraising activities throughout the year, to further support the G-force volunteers in the amazing work they do, as well as providing opportunities to support the future of young and socially disadvantaged people, including work placements and apprenticeships.

We will also be involved in the environmental community projects that G-force will be undertaking this year, pledging time for volunteering activities to help G-force make a real difference to the environment and facilities within our local community.

National Apprenticeships Week – supporting the next generation of engineers

This week is the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships, and Farrat is on a mission to show how accessible mentoring and practical experience is key to ensuring that young people from all walks of life have access to opportunities in engineering and manufacturing.

Farrat will be joining forces with the Social Mobility Foundation, a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for high achieving 16–17-year-olds from low-income backgrounds who have the ability to flourish in the top professions, but who lack the networks and guidance in their field to fulfil their potential.

We will be supporting the Social Mobility Foundation through their Aspiring Professionals Programme, helping students via mentoring, work placements, further education application advice and professional skills development sessions.

Having already worked with the Social Mobility Foundation in 2021, with work placement access for those looking for a good insight into what it means to work for an engineering company with global reach, we are excited to put extended time and effort into nurturing the engineering talent of the future.

Mentors at Farrat

Those from Farrat acting as mentors will support students in a number of ways, including increasing their understanding of their desired career and professional life. The mentoring relationship is extremely valuable in helping to guide mentees through their time on the Social Mobility Foundation programme, their further education or university applications, and in helping them to explore their professional interests further.

“A key part of our Farrat vision is a sustained commitment to local communities, STEM and social mobility, and in 2022 we will be working towards ambitious targets within our social mobility success pillar, to support young and socially disadvantaged people in our community,” states Sally Moxon, Head of People at Farrat.

“At Farrat, we believe it is so important to build a diverse workforce of talent for the future, as well as giving something back to the communities in which we live and work. Our partnership with the Social Mobility Foundation will be instrumental in helping us to provide opportunities to talented young people and help them to fulfil their potential, both now and in their future careers.”

On a mission to reduce the engineering skill shortage in the UK

Not only will this be rewarding for those involved and helpful to the young people being mentored, but this will help to safeguard the future of engineering in the UK.

The UK needs to significantly increase the number of people with engineering skills. In 2014, it was reported that the annual shortfall of STEM skills was 40,000. In 2017, the annual shortfall of the right engineering skills was still anywhere between 25,500 and up to 60000.

We need to double, at least, the number of UK based university engineering students. Encouraging young people from a wider range of backgrounds that might not have had the knowledge or means to go into engineering, will not only reduce this skills shortage, but bring exciting new perspectives to the sector.

Find out more

To learn more about Farrat’s upcoming social mobility projects, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram where we regularly share stories about our people, industries, and the wider community.

Or get in touch with the Social Mobility Foundation to find out more about accessing the Aspiring Professionals Programme.

Return to Lapland: On a mission to raise funds for charity before Christmas

We’re excited to announce that for the second year running, we are embarking on a virtual expedition to Santa’s Village in Lapland to raise funds for local community charity G-Force.

Our Farrat team and their families will be running, jogging, cycling, walking, swimming and exercising a target total of 1,876 miles to Rovenaniemi. Starting at the Farrat Head Office, we’ll then be heading across the UK, crossing the channel to Holland pass through before going through Germany and Denmark, then trekking all the way up the East coast of Sweden as we then arrive in Finland, taking our final steps to Santa’s village in Lapland.

The challenge started on November 22nd and will end at midnight on December 25th, which gives just 33 days for everyone involved to reach Lapland village.

On our virtual journey, we’re hoping to raise much-needed funds for local voluntary community group, G-Force.

About G-Force

G-Force work with disadvantaged children, young adults, and adults throughout the Altrincham area, providing support, services, and developmental opportunities to all. The community group were formed in 1997, and host a range of initiatives throughout the year. This includes ‘Brush and Brew’ classes, which aim to encourage young people and adults alike to engage in crafts, and art as a means of therapy and recreation, with artwork from these sessions displayed within the local area.

They also work with families in crisis, organising food vouchers, breaks away, help with alternative accommodation, educational support, and educaitonal toys for children. And the group often organise activities in local schools in the Trafford area.

G-Force have been a lifeline for many during the pandemic, and we are proud to be a regular supporter of their cause, with this years Lapland marking the fifth year of Farrat fundraising for the community group. We hope to help them continue their amazing work into 2022!

Support Farrat and G-Force this Christmas

If you would like to support G-Force and Farrat, then you can donate directly on our JustGiving page, by sponsoring our distance. Farrat will be matching all donations pound for pound.



Senior Project Delivery Manager, Neil Wilson, completes a lap of Farrat’s London projects in aid of charity

As part of our recent winter fundraising campaign – during which Farrat employees collectively covered over 3,000km from our office in Altrincham to reach Santa’s village in Lapland raising funds for 5 charities – Senior Project Delivery Manager, Neil Wilson, completed a jog around London to take in some of our recent projects whilst clocking up his distance.  

Farrat charity event run

Setting out from the Everyman Cinema near Kings Cross (where Farrat CineWALL PRO provides the acoustic isolation for auditorium screens)Neil finished up at the new sustainable Google HQ which is currently under construction and integrates Farrat high-performance bridge bearings. 

On his tour, Neil passed a dozen other Farrat projects, including:  

  • The former Royal Mail location, which was recently converted into 681 high class residential spaces and utilises bespoke Farrat acoustic floating floors to overcome the vibration control challenges that the busy location generates.  
  • A theatre project on St Giles Circus junction in the West End of London, which is surrounded by a tangle of underground tunnels and features another bespoke Farrat floating floor to mitigate noise disturbance. 
Everyman Cinema
Goggle Headquarters
Royal Mail Project
St Giles Circus
  • Ilona Rose House, a mixed-use commercial development comprising of retail, restaurantsroof terraces and pedestrian walkways, which are set to generate much needed employment into the area.  Here Farrat supplied Structural Thermal Breaks to reduce heat loss and mitigate against thermal bridging.
  • VUE Cinema in Leicester Square, which has originally built in 1938, but re-opened in 2017 following a major refurbishment complete with leather reclining seatsSony 4K digital projection and Dolby Atmos sound.  Farrat cinema isolation materials were engineered into the IMAX screen to ensure optimal acoustic isolation and the best possible viewing experience.
  • Queen Street, residential property that utilises the Farrat CineFLOOR system to isolate vibrations from the busy surrounding environment. 
  • Just down the road, another residential project – 60 Curzon Street – where Farrat designed, engineered and manufactured the structural bearings that hold the weight of the load bearing walls above.
  • Claridge’s (building that needs no introduction in London)which underwent a major extension between 2019 and 2020 and where Farrat supplied acoustic pads within a CineFLOOR LITE system to ensure that surrounding hustle and bustle does not interfere with the guest’s comfort.
Leicester Square VUE cinema
Queen Street
60 Curzon Street
  • 20 Grosvenor Square, a super prime residential development built between 2014 and 2018.  Farrat worked closely with the project team to not only provided the Structural Thermal Breaks to insulate the building efficiently, but full building vibration isolation system incorporating the Farrat CineFLOOR PRO range to isolate the building from surrounding vibrations, which became an integral part of the entire project.  
  • Neil then passed by the award-winning Royal Academy of Music, where Farrat developed a bespoke acoustic isolation system.  And just a little further along, Regents Crescent, another super prime residential centre where Farrat provided the Structural Thermal Breaks as well as structural bearings and Farrat CineFLOOR PRO for vibration isolation.  

 His last two stops before finishing at the new Google Headquarters were the Royal College of General Practitioners – a 290 seat auditorium with the added complication of being a Grade 2 listed building, with strict regulations to work around – and Cartwright Gardens – central London student accommodation.   

It is amazing to be able to see such huge engineering achievements delivered by Farrat in this one – albeit long – run, and demonstrate how Farrat is playing a key role in developing our nation’s capital; working around networks of underground and overground trains, main roads and surrounding hospitality venues as well as nearby airports, to delight our customers.   


Grosvenor Square
The Angela Burgess Recital Hall
Royal College of General Practitioners
Cartwright Gardens

On a Mission: to Lapland and back before the Christmas Holidays!

We’re excited to announce that Farrat have embarked on a virtual expedition to Santa’s Village in Lapland, all in aid of charity.

Our team and their families will be running, jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, stretching (and some of our younger kids are even crawling) the round-trip distance of 6041km from our Altrincham head office to Rovenaniemi and back.

This virtual style ‘fun run’ is taking part between November 23 and December 21, which gives 28 days for everyone involved to reach Lapland village, pick-up and bring back everyone’s presents just in time for Christmas. Farrat will track each fundraisers progress through the Farrat Fundraising Club setup on popular tracking app Strava, which will accumulate all the miles put in by individuals and their household teams.


Along the way we’re hoping to raise funds for five charities nominated by our team – Alzheimer’s Society, National Deaf Children’s Society, the PSP Association, The Christie Fund and local community group G-Force, who work to support disadvantaged children, young adults and adults within the local Altrincham area.

It’s been a difficult 2020 for many, so we’re looking to raise a little Christmas cheer as well as some funds for the very worth causes. If you would like to sponsor our team, please donate via our JustGiving page here.

Farrat will be matching every pound the team raises, so wish us luck!


Farrat raise £500 for G-Force Community Charity to help keep local ‘Brush and a Brew Club’ running

G-Force Brush and a Brew Club visitor

As a family-run business, being an active member of our local community is important to us at Farrat. Recently, we ran a sponsorship event which raised £500 for G-Force Community Charity.

G-Force are a Trafford based charity who provide support, services and development opportunities to those living within the Altrincham ann Trafford community. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life for all residents living in their target communities, with a large focus on connecting, being active, learning and caring.

Following our donation, G-Force visited the Farrat Office to explain how our donation has helped keep their ‘Brush and a Brew Club’ running, as part of their Trafford Mental Health & Isolation initiative. G-Force explained how being valued by others and making connections with those around you is a necessity for everyday functioning. Whether it’s work colleagues, neighbours or friends, creating close social relationships contributes to feeling happy and deflects from ill mental health for people of all ages. By bringing the community together, they aim to help others make those connections. The ‘Brush and a Brew Club’ aims to do just this. The club was begun for those with little or no family or friend connections, whom can become very lonely. 

G-Force understand that regular arts and craft sessions help support the elderly in sheltered housing and community housing in the area. These activities enable the elderly to engage with others, have new and fresh conversations and most of all, enjoy themselves.
It’s not just the elderly who benefit, G-Force also promote these art classes to  young people and adults alike, to engage in crafts to achieve things they never thought possible. Much of the artwork produced is on public display in and around the Timperley and Altrincham areas.

Farrat are proud that our contribution will go towards keeping this club running and will have a lasting impact on those living in our local community.

RedR selected to receive £100 Donation

RedR Charity Donation by FarratTechnical Director Stephen Blundell has chosen RedR to receive a £100 donation as Farrat’s charity of the month, inline with the #WearRed RedR Day.

RedR are a humanitarian charity dedicated to providing people with the necessary skills to prepare for, and respond to, major disasters such as earthquakes, floods, conflict and drought. Through practical training and expert support, RedR build the skills of first responders, national humanitarian organisations and national aid workers in disaster-affected countries.

The charity have responded to every major disaster in recent years, including the earthquakes in Nepal, the Syrian conflict, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, floods in Pakistan and the Haiti earthquake and are widely supported across both Construction and Engineering industries by well-known firms.

Technical Director for Structural Thermal Break Connections, Stephen Blundell, nominated the charity after being selected in the staff draw which takes place each month at Farrat. He commented that RedR are the designated charity for his Institution – The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) – and with their national campaign ‘RedR Day‘ falling this month, he was pleased to be able to offer this additional support through Farrat’s donation.

RedR have responded to the donation thanking Stephen for the nomination; “Thank you so much for your kind donation in aid of RedR, we are pleased to have been selected for your monthly donation and please pass on our thanks to Stephen for his suggestion, it is much appreciated”, Margherita Billotto, RedR.

For more information about RedR or to discover how you can help support their cause, please visit:

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Farrat Christmas Donations

This Christmas, instead of sending Christmas cards, Farrat have decided to give it’s staff the opportunity to donate £100 each to charity as an extra special seasons greetings!

Employees each gave their £100 to 1 of 5 charities, including; NSPCC, Shelter, G-Force, Cancer Research UK and Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

Each of the five charities were shortlisted from a pool of nominations submitted by everyone at Farrat, resulting in over £3,000 being donated across both local and national organisations that provide support, information and services to vulnerable children and adults across the UK.

From left to right: Sheila (Farrat), Hazel (G-Force), Tina (G-Force), Joe (Farrat).

Since the Christmas donations were sent just days ago, Farrat have already received messages of thanks and surprise from the recipient charities, with one local charity (G-Force – a community charity in Altrincham where Farrat is based) even turning up to the Farrat HQ with some Christmas treats for the team to show their appreciation.

Tina from G-Force (2nd on right), commented how shocked they were to receive a donation from a local company and how important it is to them that the local community continue to work together to provide support services to children and young adults.

“As a community focussed charity, it really means a lot to us to receive support from such a local business – especially at Christmas. We can’t thank Farrat enough and hope to work with you next year on local fundraising initiatives”.

Farrat are delighted to have spread a little joy this Christmas!

For more information on any of the charities selected for Farrat donation, please visit the specific organisation website.

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