Farrat experience rapid growth in acoustic isolation projects for tenpin bowling alleys as multi-entertainment centres grow

Tenpin bowling is seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as the industry seeks to evolve to meet the needs of the next generation.

Whether it’s 1950’s American retro decor, VIP lanes and cocktails delivered via app, or the transformation of single activity venues into mixed entertainment centres that include bowling alongside arcades, films, games, and restaurants, everyone is finding something that they like.

The growth in ten pin bowling as part of a wider entertainment offering – where games are played just a wall away from people eating their dinner, playing pool, watching a film or even singing karaoke – has upped the need for high performance acoustic isolation as standard, to ensure a good quality day or night out for all, as well as optimising usable space.

This demand has led Farrat to launch a niche range of products developed from our highly successful range of cinema acoustic solutions. BowlFLOOR has been designed specifically to meet the growing needs of leisure operators and developers looking for the acoustic isolation of bowling floors.

The unique challenge of acoustic isolation in bowling alleys is that there are three widely varying load profiles across a bowling lane; the approach where players stand, the lanes themselves, and the ‘pinsetter’ where the pins are positioned. In addition, there is the very low-frequency vibrational energy induced by a bowling ball impact.

The Light in Stockport, fitted with BowlFLOOR LITE

Farrat’s range of BowlFLOOR products are manufactured to ISO standards at our Altrincham site in Greater Manchester. BowlFLOOR LITE, BowlFLOOR PRO, and BowlFLOOR MAX, and offer different levels of isolation to meet the level of acoustic isolation required for the environment. Our specialist engineers assist developers, contractors and architects in selecting the most appropriate specification.

Commenting on this growing market Farrat’s Senior Project Delivery Manager Neil Wilson said. “We’ve seen a much wider variety of bowling alley projects as they are being incorporated into adapted spaces such as old department stores or large multi-entertainment centres where developers are looking to fit numerous activities into a confined space.”

He adds “we have also seen more ’boutique’ bowling alleys within bars in city centres which also provide a Food and Beverage offering. In each case we assess the environment and recommend the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution to achieve the necessary acoustic isolation to ensure a quality customer experience.”

To date Farrat have supplied BowlFLOOR systems to market leading bowling operators including Hollywood Bowl, Superbowl, and Yalla! Bowling as well as the largest bowling equipment provider in the world, QubicaAMF. BowlFLOOR systems are designed to fit easily into any development schedule with straightforward installation guidance and follow up consultancy provided by their dedicated engineering and installation teams. Wilson concludes. “We also offer a full installation service for projects requiring this expertise in the UK as well as global on-site installation support and training.”

About Farrat

Farrat is a global specialist in the design and manufacture of vibration control, thermal isolation and precision levelling solutions for the construction, industrial and energy sectors. Get in touch online or by email for more information on our products and services, or call us on +44 161 924 1600

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BowlFLOOR Installation in progress at the new Hollywood Bowl in Dudley

Farrat’s specialist contribution to “The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild” project

Farrat’s specialist acoustic isolation and structural thermal break pads contribute to the 5 Star Claridge’s development as featured in the BBC documentary series: “The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild”

Claridge’s is one of London’s most luxurious hotels, set in the centre of Mayfair originally opened in 1812. A seven-year development project included a new 4-storey rooftop extension and 5-storey basement, with 72 new suites, a spa and pool area all without having to close its doors to guests who are used to the highest level of customer experience.

Farrat supported Quantity Surveyor Rainey & Best and appointed Structural Engineers WSP with specialist technical advice resulting in the design and supply of a series of steelwork isolation pads and acoustic vibration solutions specifically developed to prevent construction noise travelling through the structure and disturbing hotel guests. In addition, their structural thermal break product TBK was used within the construction of the swimming pool area to thermally separate structural connections preventing heat loss in the building envelope. The project was featured in a BBC documentary “The Mayfair Hotel Megabuild” aired in January where Farrat’s innovative acoustic isolation systems were displayed in all their glory.

Appointed by WSP, Farrat were initially tasked with the isolation of the new steel structure constructed for the rooftop extension using their Hybrid Bearing Technology. CEO Oliver Farrell commented on the Manchester based companies’ involvement. “We worked with WSP to develop a robust system that met both the acoustic requirements and was easily adapted for a range of spatial constraints and loadings.” He added. “Manufactured at our Altrincham site acoustic bearings, washers and bushes were cut and delivered within days of design completion.”

Farrat Hybrid Bearings used to isolate the steelwork to the new rooftop extension. Preventing construction noise travelling through the 5 Star hotel
The Farrat specialist floating floor system being installed in Claridge's Art Deco ballroom
The Farrat specialist floating floor system being installed in Claridge's Art Deco ballroom

Farrat also worked on the new ballroom (pictured), supplying the specialist high-performance acoustic floating floor which can be adapted for numerous applications including cinemas, concert halls, entertainment venues, and auditoriums.

Neil Wilson Senior Project Delivery Manager at Farrat commented. “Delivering a project of this scale whilst remaining open was always going to be a challenge for everyone involved, from hotel staff to the developers, architects, structural engineers and builders.” He continued “Claridge’s is an institution within London, so we were delighted with the results from the work put in by our team ensuring they could maintain their high standards through innovative acoustic and vibration isolation design.” Rainey & Best’s Director Mark Allen added. “This project was a true multi-disciplined effort. Farrat were a pleasure to work with throughout and nothing was ever too much trouble. I’m looking forward to working with Farrat on future projects.”

Filmed over six years, the TV series followed the challenging work carried out by a range of specialist engineers to create the new five-storey basement and London’s most exclusive rooftop penthouse. Remaining open to guests with no disruption caused by the build noise and vibration is truly astonishing and must be seen to be believed. The series is available to view on BBC iPlayer.

If you would like to learn more about the design and manufacture of vibration control, thermal isolation and precision levelling solutions, contact our team by email, call us at 0161 924 1600, or fill in the contact us form.

Farrat Hybrid Bearings used to isolate the steelwork to the new rooftop extension.  

Multi-screen cinema with market-leading acoustic isolation wins Best Project in Leisure award

The new multi-screen cinema in Glasgow – with acoustic isolation carried out by Farrat – has won the Best Project in Leisure award at the first-ever Scottish Structural Awards.

The new Scottish Structural Awards is set to celebrate the best structural projects completed over the last two years by Scottish design engineers with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility as well as innovative building design.

Farrat are proud to share that the winner of the ‘Best Project in Leisure’ award – the new Vue International multi-screen cinema at the St. Enoch shopping centre in Glasgow – is one that we have contributed to, both manufacturing and installing our CineFLOOR MAX acoustic isolation solution.

The new cinema is part of a redevelopment project that includes 100,000 sg ft of retail and leisure space. Efficient and effective acoustic insulation in multipurpose leisure developments such as these is key to ensuring that cinemas with state-of-the-art sound can co-exist seamlessly alongside other leisure facilities.

“Being involved in a project acknowledged in these brand-new awards is very rewarding,” states Neil Wilson, Senior Project Delivery Manager at Farrat.

“Following the pandemic, the film industry’s recovery is growing, and we hope that by continuing to work with organisations committed to creative building design, efficient use of space, and the best possible acoustics and acoustic insulation, we can be a significant part of this rejuvenation.”

Acoustic Isolation with Farrat

With over 60 years’ experience in acoustic isolation, our engineers are on a mission to address the cinema market’s most demanding acoustic challenges.  Contact our Acoustic Isolation team by email, call us on 0161 924 1600 or fill in the contact us form online.

Challenge our engineers to meet your project’s needs. Contact our Acoustic Isolation team by email, call us on 0161 924 1600 or fill in the contact us form online.

Farrat at the META Cinema Forum 2021 – an ongoing strategic partnership

Farrat have worked closely with cinema operators and contractors across the Middle East and Saudi Arabia over the last few years to build the cinema market from the ground up. Since the lifting of the cinema ban in Saudi in 2018, 28 new venues have been delivered as part of a 10-year plan to construct 300 cinemas by 2030. Within that period Farrat have designed and supplied high-performance cinema acoustic isolation solutions to over 80% of the Saudi cinema markets’ new venues, collaborating with the region’s leading operators including MUVI, VOX, AMC, Reel and Empire. A key force in the development of cinema in Saudi, alongside countries in the Middle East such as the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Oman, has been the META regions dedicated cinema conference, the META Cinema Forum.  

The only dedicated cinema convention in META 

Founded and led by the UAE’s leading event’s organiser GM Events, the forum is currently in its 4th edition as the largest cinema convention covering Middle East and African markets. The event has grown to become the single most important regional gathering for the cinema sector, bringing together cinema operators, developers, venue designers, consultants, contractors, and fit-out specialists, with film and media production giants to shape the future of the wider industry. 

Recognising the opportunity to pioneer a new standard of cinema design in the region, Farrat partnered with GM Events in 2018 as a strategic acoustic sponsor of the first edition of the cinema conference in Dubai, the MENA Cinema Forum. Four years later, the conference has evolved and scaled to include more regions, exhibitors, seminars, and market operators, covering the entire META region (consequently changing its name in 2020).  

To celebrate the recovery of the cinema sector, post the pandemic era, the 4th edition returns as a physical event that promises to be ‘bigger and better than ever’, with more sessions covering various cinema markets in detail, an expanded convention floor, additional seminars, workshops, and a strong line-up of slates, product presentations and film features. 

An ongoing strategic partnership 

Throughout the 4-year partnership, Farrat have exhibited, presented, and sponsored various aspects of the event program.  

During the pandemic when in-person events were a huge challenge, Farrat were pleased to continue the partnership by sponsoring the first hybrid version of the event in 2020. This format enabled those within the cinema industry the opportunity to stay informed of current trends and future technology, to plan beyond the pandemic.  

Another leading memorable aspect of exhibiting last year was the Farrat ‘cube of silence’. Designed as a practical demonstration of Farrat’s high-performance acoustic isolation solutions for cinema auditoria, the sound booth acted as an immersive soundproof experience for conference delegates. 

The #cubeofsilence sound booth construction incorporated box-in-box Farrat acoustic isolation system (Farrat Cine PRO range), built with high-quality gypsum board, supplied by leading drywalmanufacturer Knauf.  

Memorable Farrat moments from earlier editions include co-exhibiting with acoustic consultants Sharps Redmore in the opening year (2018)to present the value of ‘Total Acoustic Responsibility’ in cinema design. The Farrat team included Technical Director, Ryan Arbabi, Marketing Manager, Charlene Giles and CEO, Oliver Farrell. Joined by Tim Redmore and Rory Sullivan of Sharps Redmore.

And in 2019, where Farrat’s Ryan Arbabi put cinema acoustic isolation firmly on the regional construction agenda by delivering a powerful ‘future of cinema’ presentation followed by a key speaker role in an industry guest-panel debate. 

Looking back on the partnership, Ryan Arbabi comments:

“Farrat has been an active participant in all of the previous Cinema Forum events, not just in promoting technical thought-leadership on cinema acoustic design, but also actively sharing our insight and experience gained from working on over 80% of the multiplex cinema projects that have been constructed in the region in the last few years”. 

2021 edition of META Cinema Forum 

This year, Farrat’s Ryan Arbabi will present a new cinema construction insight at the Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. Farrat are also sponsoring both an ‘exhibition hour’ and a ‘networking lunch,’ as well as exhibiting in the main hall, where our team will be demonstrating the creative solutions that Farrat offer to some of cinema markets most challenging problems.  

For more information on the event and to register, visit the event website here 

To understand the full scope of Farrat acoustic isolation solutions for cinemas, click here. 



Cinema continues to accelerate across Saudi Arabia, with help from Farrat.

Cinema is an established part of social culture across many areas of the world, but in Saudi Arabia where the activity is only just legalised, cinema is an exciting new development and is rapidly growing into a popular social arena.

Since the lifting of the cinema ban in 2017, the Saudi cinema construction industry has accelerated not only in terms of new venue numbers. Venues are being built to ‘wow,’ catering for every audience need and as a result, the region is delivering some of the most exciting and innovative venues the global cinema market has seen.

Growth Locations

As specialists in the acoustic isolation of cinemas, Farrat have supplied high-performance cinema solutions to over 80% of the Saudi cinema markets’ new venues, working with the region’s leading operators including MUVI, VOX, AMC, Reel and Empire.

Cinema development has been largely targeted within the capital city of Riyadh and major population hub, Jeddah, where 28 new venues have been delivered in the last 3 years. Now however, development is starting in smaller cities such as Dammam, Taif and Tabuk as investment spreads across the region.

The first multiplex cinema to be built in Saudi Arabia was built at Riyadh Park Mall. Farrat worked with VOX to integrate our full suite of “PRO” Cinema acoustic isolation solutions which have now become standard in VOX’s multiplexes.

This was shortly followed by a host of sites by MUVI, Saudi Arabia’s home-grown operator. All of which also include Farrat Cine isolation.

saudi map

Following a bumper 2019, everyone took a step back to deal with the Pandemic in 2020. Things are now back at full-speed and Farrat have supplied to 12 new multiplex sites already in 2021. 

The largest cinema in Saudi Arabia is located at the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah – a 15-screen MUVI Cinema that accommodates 1,950 viewers and incorporates Farrat CineFLOOR PRO for the acoustic floating floors, Farrat CineSTEEL PRO for the raked seating isolation and Farrat CineWALL PRO to isolate auditorium partitions.

Future Investment

The Saudi government is currently working to meet its target of opening over 300 cinemas with more than 2,000 screens by 2030, building an industry that would contribute more then 90 billion riyals (over £17 billion) to the economy and create 30,000 new jobs in the process.

Farrat’s Business Development Director, Ryan Arbabi who is very active in the region says, “In the UK, almost every population concentration of at least 50,000 people has at least one multiplex cinema. In Saudi Arabia, there are 46 cities with populations above 50,000 that still do not have a cinema, so there is still lots more to do.

saudi cinema

Our market-leading solutions are clearly favoured in Saudi Arabia, but that is just as much to do with Farrat’s ability to cope with the logistical gymnastics required to operate in the region as it is to provide a quality product”.

For more information on Farrat’s cinema isolation solutions, the Farrat Cine range, and cinema projects we have worked on around the world, contact our team or visit our Cinema Hub here.


Bespoke designed acoustic floating floors at the Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel

Farrat are excited to see our market leading floating floors being rolled out at a new luxury hospitality development, the Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel.

The hotel will be spread over the upper nine floors of the development, is set to have over 300 rooms, a restaurant and bar, leisure facilities, and will provide employment for over 200 people upon completion.

Farrat’s floating floor technologies have been selected with a bespoke deployment of products from the ‘Cine’ range. CineFLOOR PRO is standardly used for the acoustic and vibration isolation of entertainment facilities such as cinemas, concert halls and theatres.

floating floor construction

In this instance though, CineFLOOR PRO is being used in a hospitality application to ensure that the noise and vibration created by machinery in the hotel doesn’t affect the comfort and peace of those staying in the rooms. This is for both the exercise equipment in the gym, and the plant equipment that keeps the hotel running such as pumps and cooling systems.

floating floor construction 2
floating floor construction 3

Despite being just about as far as it is possible to get from our HQ in the UK, Farrat’s products were selected as the optimal solution for this project, and our team is supporting the local installation company with virtual installation training and video QA inspections.

Floating floor construction 5

For more information on our floating floors, and how our engineers can work with your design teams, fabricators and on-site contractors to integrate acoustic and/or building vibration isolation in your development, contact our team here.


A look ahead at 2021 Projects with Farrat

As we enter February, we are pleased that 2021 looks set to be another busy year for Farrat solving some of our industries most exciting engineering challenges. Our team are currently ‘on mission’, working hard with project teams across construction and industrial to deliver high-performing acoustic and vibration isolation, structural thermal breaks and industrial vibration control solutions into key markets. Take a look at a few of our current projects below.

Acoustic Isolation

East Square Cinema in Basildon

A new 10-screen cinema located on East Square in Basildon is currently under construction as part of the towns master regeneration project, which is due to be completed in the summer of 2021. This new multiplex is set to contain the largest cinema screen in Essex and is being delivered by McLaren Construction.

The steel frame was completed at the end of 2020 and we have already manufactured and supplied solutions from within Farrat’s Cine range, with CineSTEEL and CineWALL beginning the acoustic isolation. In 2021 we will be providing Farrat Installation Services with our CineFLOOR system to build on our work so far and ensure the project is completed on schedule.

Vibration Isolation

The Factory in Manchester

The Factory has featured heavily on our construction agenda in 2020 and is now rolling into 2021, as the development rises into the Manchester skyline. The new multi-million pound arts centre will be the permanent home of Manchester International Festival and is expected to deliver a £1.1bn boost to the city’s economy over a decade.

Farrat have supplied 1,001 individually designed, engineered and manufactured acoustic bearings to date, with another 1,000 predicted for 2021.

The Factory Manchester at night

Industrial Vibration Control

Global supply into the Canning Industry

Farrat have supported the global canning industry consistently over the last decade, consulting, engineering and manufacturing a range of industrial vibration control solutions that enable plant operators to achieve improved OEE and reduce spoilage.

Following the success of 2020, in 2021 we are set to be working to deliver a canning factory in South America and two more in Europe.

Improving quality and production for rolling plants

In addition to the canning industry, Farrat have projects lined up in steel and aluminium rolling plants. Rolling is the metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness or make the thickness of the metal consistent.

In 2021, we will be supporting steel and aluminium rolling plants in Turkey and South America to achieve better quality and production rates.

industrial Farrat

Structural Thermal Breaks

Continued growth and material development

For Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks, 2021 brings the much-anticipated conclusion of Joe Pemberton’s Farrat sponsored 3-year PhD study in association with University of Salford and their construction of the world acclaimed Energy House 2 project. 2021 will also see the continuation of Projects at London’s Chelsea Barracks and Battersea, as well as the redevelopment of Birmingham’s city centre and Manchester’s residential quarters.

Growing through challenges

No doubt 2021 will bring with it a host of challenges, as we work around restrictions and attempt to get back to some assemblance of ‘normal’, but with so many exciting projects and plans for the year, we are looking forward to seeing changing skylines and construction technology developments.


Senior Project Delivery Manager, Neil Wilson, completes a lap of Farrat’s London projects in aid of charity

As part of our recent winter fundraising campaign – during which Farrat employees collectively covered over 3,000km from our office in Altrincham to reach Santa’s village in Lapland raising funds for 5 charities – Senior Project Delivery Manager, Neil Wilson, completed a jog around London to take in some of our recent projects whilst clocking up his distance.  

Farrat charity event run

Setting out from the Everyman Cinema near Kings Cross (where Farrat CineWALL PRO provides the acoustic isolation for auditorium screens)Neil finished up at the new sustainable Google HQ which is currently under construction and integrates Farrat high-performance bridge bearings. 

On his tour, Neil passed a dozen other Farrat projects, including:  

  • The former Royal Mail location, which was recently converted into 681 high class residential spaces and utilises bespoke Farrat acoustic floating floors to overcome the vibration control challenges that the busy location generates.  
  • A theatre project on St Giles Circus junction in the West End of London, which is surrounded by a tangle of underground tunnels and features another bespoke Farrat floating floor to mitigate noise disturbance. 
Everyman Cinema
Goggle Headquarters
Royal Mail Project
St Giles Circus
  • Ilona Rose House, a mixed-use commercial development comprising of retail, restaurantsroof terraces and pedestrian walkways, which are set to generate much needed employment into the area.  Here Farrat supplied Structural Thermal Breaks to reduce heat loss and mitigate against thermal bridging.
  • VUE Cinema in Leicester Square, which has originally built in 1938, but re-opened in 2017 following a major refurbishment complete with leather reclining seatsSony 4K digital projection and Dolby Atmos sound.  Farrat cinema isolation materials were engineered into the IMAX screen to ensure optimal acoustic isolation and the best possible viewing experience.
  • Queen Street, residential property that utilises the Farrat CineFLOOR system to isolate vibrations from the busy surrounding environment. 
  • Just down the road, another residential project – 60 Curzon Street – where Farrat designed, engineered and manufactured the structural bearings that hold the weight of the load bearing walls above.
  • Claridge’s (building that needs no introduction in London)which underwent a major extension between 2019 and 2020 and where Farrat supplied acoustic pads within a CineFLOOR LITE system to ensure that surrounding hustle and bustle does not interfere with the guest’s comfort.
Leicester Square VUE cinema
Queen Street
60 Curzon Street
  • 20 Grosvenor Square, a super prime residential development built between 2014 and 2018.  Farrat worked closely with the project team to not only provided the Structural Thermal Breaks to insulate the building efficiently, but full building vibration isolation system incorporating the Farrat CineFLOOR PRO range to isolate the building from surrounding vibrations, which became an integral part of the entire project.  
  • Neil then passed by the award-winning Royal Academy of Music, where Farrat developed a bespoke acoustic isolation system.  And just a little further along, Regents Crescent, another super prime residential centre where Farrat provided the Structural Thermal Breaks as well as structural bearings and Farrat CineFLOOR PRO for vibration isolation.  

 His last two stops before finishing at the new Google Headquarters were the Royal College of General Practitioners – a 290 seat auditorium with the added complication of being a Grade 2 listed building, with strict regulations to work around – and Cartwright Gardens – central London student accommodation.   

It is amazing to be able to see such huge engineering achievements delivered by Farrat in this one – albeit long – run, and demonstrate how Farrat is playing a key role in developing our nation’s capital; working around networks of underground and overground trains, main roads and surrounding hospitality venues as well as nearby airports, to delight our customers.   


Grosvenor Square
The Angela Burgess Recital Hall
Royal College of General Practitioners
Cartwright Gardens

On a Mission: to acoustically engineer a world-class arts venue in the heart of bustling Manchester

The Factory


Currently underway on the site of the old Granada Studio in Manchester, ‘The Factory’ is a £130 million world-class cultural development set to be the new home of the Manchester International Festival. Designed by renowned architects OMA and being delivered by Laing O’Rourke, the new arts venue will host one of Europe’s most ambitious and adventurous year-round creative programs, inspired by the city’s unmatched history of innovation.

Once complete, The Factory is expected to deliver a £1.1bn boost to the city’s economy over a decade.

Its central location is a key attraction; in close proximity to the Museum of Science and Industry, within walking distance of the nearest train, tram, and bus stop, and bordered by busy restaurants and nightlife. However, with this desirable location comes significant vibration and acoustic engineering challenges.

Surrounded by eight railways lines, two high rise towers and two major ‘A’ roads the new venue requires high-performance acoustic and structural vibration isolation on all sides to minimise two-way disturbance.

The Factory Manchester - Location and Noise Sources

Following Farrat’s instruction to design and manufacture bespoke acoustic and vibration isolation solutions for the scheme, Technical Director Ryan Arbabi, describes how there has never been a more significant project for Farrat. 

“The acoustic isolation requirement on The Factory is exceptionally high, the load conditions are varied and complex, and the tolerance is tight.  We are proud to be designing acoustically isolated assemblies that will connect the structural steel frame to a 200mm thick pre-cast concrete acoustic ‘shell’ – something that has never been attempted before”. 

Farrat have supplied 600 individually designed, engineered and manufactured acoustic bearings to date, with another 2,000 predicted to be needed over the course of 2021 for the Warehouse and Theatre – the two key areas of the project.  


The Factory Manchester daytime
The Factory Manchester at night
The Factory Manchester - Farrat Bearing Design
The Factory Manchester - Construction Progress

Farrat’s Building Acoustics Team are also working closely with Structural Engineering Specialists from Clancy Consulting to address some of the schemes most complex engineering challenges.  

“Working with Clancy Consulting on The Factory has taken the acoustic isolation system design to the level of engineering and accuracy required to successfully deliver a project of this magnitude,” comments Adriana Leotta, Project Delivery Manager of The Factory at Farrat.   

“Clancy have been extremely supportive during our long relationship. They have a strong sense of responsibility in providing the right solution and advice for the team they are working with.” 

Bringing together the unique strengths of both Clancy and Farrat has strengthened the long-term relationship and inspired collaborations on other projects. 

Our relationship with Clancy Consulting has developed from being a contractor to a trusted partner, engaged on a retained basis”, explains Ryan Arbabi. 

Together, we now regularly tackle hybrid acoustic isolation and structural engineering applications that are both novel and innovative. We know we can rely on Clancy’s breadth of structural engineering capabilities and mix them with our niche acoustics expertise to offer a service to our clients significantly greater than the sum of its parts. 

Clancy Consulting CEO, Martyn Headley, also affirms the collaborative relationship:  

The Farrat and Clancy teams work closely together to arrive at innovative solutions on each and every project, and over time we have seen an incredibly strong relationship develop which has yielded fantastic projects we are both incredibly proud of. The Factory is just one example of this. 

Acoustic Isolation Bearings for The Factory Project
Acoustic Isolation Bearings for The Factory Project close up

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, has also endorsed the complex engineering behind the scheme and notes the important role the arts venue will play in local economy 

“The Factory is a state-of-the-art, high-quality, multi-functional building, incomparable in nature to any other currently being constructed in the UK.  It’s fantastic to see the progress that has been made on site with the basic structure very much now visible. 

Our creative sector is already thriving, and Manchester is now recognised as the second largest creative city in Europe after London, with a GVA to the city’s economy of £1.4bn – all of which proves the soundness of our ongoing investment in culture and the arts, and our continuing belief in the power of culture and creativity, and The Factory, to transform lives.    


To work in partnership with these firms on such a ground-breaking scheme, so close to Farrat’s engineering and manufacturing facilitiesis a tremendous achievement. Our team look forward to enjoying the rewards of theiengineering feats in person, once The Factory project completes (set to open later this year).  


Meeting the challenges of the growth and evolution of cinema

Following the META Cinema Forum in Dubai last month, whilst there are some concerns within the industry, the growth of cinema is predicted to continue following the recovery from COVID19.

The appetite for moviegoing remains strong, thanks to the backlog of much anticipated films such as the next instalments from DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars and Bond franchises. With this demand for Blockbusters comes the need for a superior quality viewing experience, which will continue to be vital to the success of cinema both now and in the future.

Below we outline some of the key challenges facing cinema builders throughout this period of growth and evolution in the big screen.

Box office recovery

Sound evolution

The evolution of sound from single speakers to surround sound has increased the number of speakers typically setup within an auditorium to provide the most immersive audio experience. This growing audio infrastructure presents a challenge for cinema builders as the speakers create a powerful 3D sound field.

Farrat’s most recent installation in Saudi Arabia at the U-Walk Boulevard featured this immersive sound experience by Dolby Atmos, and it was only with CineSTEEL and CineWALL systems that Farrat were able to engineer the levels of sound insulation required to ensure that noise from adjacent auditoria did not provide a disturbance.

Growing number of cinema screens under one roof

Originally cinemas were built in isolation to house one auditorium: 30 years ago, just 1 in 10 cinemas were constructed with multiple screens.

Multiplex’s quickly became the norm however, following increased investment into film production and cinema across the globe. Now as we enter the era of ‘Megaplexes,’ screen numbers are in the double figures with auditoriums being constructed alongside each other as ‘box in box’ systems within shopping malls and mixed-use environments.

Constructing multiple screens in such proximity presents the challenge of elevated levels of sound emitting between auditoriums, causing noise to compromise the immersive moviegoer experience.

Farrat has reacted to the acceleration in construction rate by optimizing it’s Cine range of cinema sound insulation products to increase availability, ease of distribution, and speed of installation to remain as the preferred choice for multiplex construction.

Multiple forms of entertainment in one complex

In addition to multiple screens, different forms of entertainment facilities such as bowling alleys, shops and restaurants are now bought together in the same complex.

Whilst it is critical that noise from adjacent cinema screens does not interfere with each other, it is equally important that noise generated from other retail and leisure sources – in particular, noise from F&B concessions – does not penetrate the auditorium walls, ceiling, or floors.

A current example of this is ‘The Glassworks’, a mixed-use development currently underway in Barnsley, which is set to contain 25 shops, 7 restaurants, a 13-screen cinema and a bowling alley. Farrat provided the acoustic isolation materials for both the cinema and the bowling alley in this project to ensure they were acoustically protected from one another.

In summary

The immediate future of cinema looks hopeful as there remains a big place for the big screen in people’s hearts. Whatever the return to normality looks like post COVID19, there is likely to be an even greater appreciation of the ability to go out to watch a film. With that anticipation comes a certain amount of pressure for cinema builders to provide viewers of the future with the best possible visual and acoustic experience, by overcoming the latest challenges through cinema construction innovation.

If you would like more information on how Farrat are innovating in the field of cinema acoustic isolation and how our bespoke approach could ensure the best quality audio visual experience for viewers, then get in touch.

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