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Multi-screen cinema with market-leading acoustic isolation wins Best Project in Leisure award

The new multi-screen cinema in Glasgow – with acoustic isolation carried out by Farrat – has won the Best Project in Leisure award at the first-ever Scottish Structural Awards.

The new Scottish Structural Awards is set to celebrate the best structural projects completed over the last two years by Scottish design engineers with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility as well as innovative building design.

Farrat are proud to share that the winner of the ‘Best Project in Leisure’ award – the new Vue International multi-screen cinema at the St. Enoch shopping centre in Glasgow – is one that we have contributed to, both manufacturing and installing our CineFLOOR MAX acoustic isolation solution.

The new cinema is part of a redevelopment project that includes 100,000 sg ft of retail and leisure space. Efficient and effective acoustic insulation in multipurpose leisure developments such as these is key to ensuring that cinemas with state-of-the-art sound can co-exist seamlessly alongside other leisure facilities.

“Being involved in a project acknowledged in these brand-new awards is very rewarding,” states Neil Wilson, Senior Project Delivery Manager at Farrat.

“Following the pandemic, the film industry’s recovery is growing, and we hope that by continuing to work with organisations committed to creative building design, efficient use of space, and the best possible acoustics and acoustic insulation, we can be a significant part of this rejuvenation.”

Acoustic Isolation with Farrat

With over 60 years’ experience in acoustic isolation, our engineers are on a mission to address the cinema market’s most demanding acoustic challenges.  Contact our Acoustic Isolation team by email, call us on 0161 924 1600 or fill in the contact us form online.

Challenge our engineers to meet your project’s needs. Contact our Acoustic Isolation team by email, call us on 0161 924 1600 or fill in the contact us form online.

Bespoke designed acoustic floating floors at the Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel

Farrat are excited to see our market leading floating floors being rolled out at a new luxury hospitality development, the Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland Airport Hotel.

The hotel will be spread over the upper nine floors of the development, is set to have over 300 rooms, a restaurant and bar, leisure facilities, and will provide employment for over 200 people upon completion.

Farrat’s floating floor technologies have been selected with a bespoke deployment of products from the ‘Cine’ range. CineFLOOR PRO is standardly used for the acoustic and vibration isolation of entertainment facilities such as cinemas, concert halls and theatres.

floating floor construction

In this instance though, CineFLOOR PRO is being used in a hospitality application to ensure that the noise and vibration created by machinery in the hotel doesn’t affect the comfort and peace of those staying in the rooms. This is for both the exercise equipment in the gym, and the plant equipment that keeps the hotel running such as pumps and cooling systems.

floating floor construction 2
floating floor construction 3

Despite being just about as far as it is possible to get from our HQ in the UK, Farrat’s products were selected as the optimal solution for this project, and our team is supporting the local installation company with virtual installation training and video QA inspections.

Floating floor construction 5

For more information on our floating floors, and how our engineers can work with your design teams, fabricators and on-site contractors to integrate acoustic and/or building vibration isolation in your development, contact our team here.


Meeting the challenges of the growth and evolution of cinema

Following the META Cinema Forum in Dubai last month, whilst there are some concerns within the industry, the growth of cinema is predicted to continue following the recovery from COVID19.

The appetite for moviegoing remains strong, thanks to the backlog of much anticipated films such as the next instalments from DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars and Bond franchises. With this demand for Blockbusters comes the need for a superior quality viewing experience, which will continue to be vital to the success of cinema both now and in the future.

Below we outline some of the key challenges facing cinema builders throughout this period of growth and evolution in the big screen.

Box office recovery

Sound evolution

The evolution of sound from single speakers to surround sound has increased the number of speakers typically setup within an auditorium to provide the most immersive audio experience. This growing audio infrastructure presents a challenge for cinema builders as the speakers create a powerful 3D sound field.

Farrat’s most recent installation in Saudi Arabia at the U-Walk Boulevard featured this immersive sound experience by Dolby Atmos, and it was only with CineSTEEL and CineWALL systems that Farrat were able to engineer the levels of sound insulation required to ensure that noise from adjacent auditoria did not provide a disturbance.

Growing number of cinema screens under one roof

Originally cinemas were built in isolation to house one auditorium: 30 years ago, just 1 in 10 cinemas were constructed with multiple screens.

Multiplex’s quickly became the norm however, following increased investment into film production and cinema across the globe. Now as we enter the era of ‘Megaplexes,’ screen numbers are in the double figures with auditoriums being constructed alongside each other as ‘box in box’ systems within shopping malls and mixed-use environments.

Constructing multiple screens in such proximity presents the challenge of elevated levels of sound emitting between auditoriums, causing noise to compromise the immersive moviegoer experience.

Farrat has reacted to the acceleration in construction rate by optimizing it’s Cine range of cinema sound insulation products to increase availability, ease of distribution, and speed of installation to remain as the preferred choice for multiplex construction.

Multiple forms of entertainment in one complex

In addition to multiple screens, different forms of entertainment facilities such as bowling alleys, shops and restaurants are now bought together in the same complex.

Whilst it is critical that noise from adjacent cinema screens does not interfere with each other, it is equally important that noise generated from other retail and leisure sources – in particular, noise from F&B concessions – does not penetrate the auditorium walls, ceiling, or floors.

A current example of this is ‘The Glassworks’, a mixed-use development currently underway in Barnsley, which is set to contain 25 shops, 7 restaurants, a 13-screen cinema and a bowling alley. Farrat provided the acoustic isolation materials for both the cinema and the bowling alley in this project to ensure they were acoustically protected from one another.

In summary

The immediate future of cinema looks hopeful as there remains a big place for the big screen in people’s hearts. Whatever the return to normality looks like post COVID19, there is likely to be an even greater appreciation of the ability to go out to watch a film. With that anticipation comes a certain amount of pressure for cinema builders to provide viewers of the future with the best possible visual and acoustic experience, by overcoming the latest challenges through cinema construction innovation.

If you would like more information on how Farrat are innovating in the field of cinema acoustic isolation and how our bespoke approach could ensure the best quality audio visual experience for viewers, then get in touch.

acoustic isolation

Farrat appointed on the OCC Spuikwartier project in The Hague

Farrat appointed to The OCC in The Hague


Client: Boele & Van Eesteren and Visser & Smit Bouw
Architect: NOAHH, NL Architects and Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists

Farrat’s Special Projects Division has been appointed to deliver a comprehensive vibration control system for the new OCC Spuikwartier development in The Hague –  soon to be the largest educational and cultural complex in the Netherlands. 

Due to the exceptionally high performance criteria and prestige of the project, our team will engineer and manufacture bespoke designed Hybrid Bearings and Acoustic Floating Floors to optimise the acoustic design of auditoriums dedicated to music, theater and dance.

The comprehensive plan includes the development of a new cultural hub that will house the Residentie Orkest, the Nederlands Danstheater, the Dans- en Muziekcentrum Den Haag Foundation and the Royal Conservatory.

The project will include a 1,500-seat symphonic auditorium, a 1,300-seat dance theater with orchestra pit, a chamber music hall and a large orchestra rehearsal room.

The building will also include apartments, a hotel, commercial outlets and a parking area able to accommodate 1,500 bicycles.

Expected completion: 2020.

Salle Concert Hall, The OCC at The Hague
Dance Theatre, The OCC at The Hague

In The News – Work starts on the new Cineworld in Hounslow as the first phase of the High Street Quarter’s major regeneration project.

The ten-screen multiplex cinema will be built using over 1,300t of hot rolled steelwork and will be fully acoustically isolated using the Farrat CineFLOOR PRO and CineSTEEL PRO systems.

BHC Steelwork - Cineworld Hounslow starts on site

When designing an auditorium, it is critical that the acoustic performance of the cinema screen is not compromised by rigid connection to any surrounding structures.

Systems within the CineFLOOR and CineSTEEL ranges ensure that the most important secondary structures in a cinema are kept totally independent of the main structure, the structural floor slab and any adjacent screens. This keeps cinema sound where it belongs and prevents unwanted noise intrusion.


Isolating Cinema Floors:


Isolating Cinema Raked Seating and Steelwork:

  • CineSTEEL PRO is a NEW grade of high-performance sound insulation developed by Farrat, used to isolate cinema raked seating and secondary steelwork structures.
  • CineSTEEL is primarily intended for use with concrete stadia and is is widely compatible with a variety of steel frame type and baseplate/bolt combinations.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the Farrat CineSTEEL range ahead of launch, please contact our Building Acoustics Team here.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

For further information:

Case Study: Mall of Egypt

Mall of Egypt Case Study - Farrat Acoustic Isolation

Farrat’s new cinema floating floor range, CineFLOOR, was recently used to acoustically isolate the first VOX Cinema in Egypt located inside North Africa’s largest shopping mall. In this Case Study, we overview the acoustic challenge faced by the project team and the solution supplied by Farrat.

The Challenge
The Mall of Egypt, which officially opened in 2017 in Cairo, was developed by Majid Al Futtaim at a cost of USD $708m and is the largest mall in North Africa spanning 400,000 sq.m. The two-story complex brings Egypt’s first VOX Cinema, with a total of 21 theatres housing; 1x 4DX screen, 4x Gold screens, 1x IMAX screen, 2x screens for kids and 13 regular screens.

With a total of 2473 seats, the design and build of the cinema auditorium required expert configuration to ensure maximum entertainment value for viewers inside and minimal disruption to the surrounding 165,000 sq.m of retail space.

The brief was particularly challenging as cinema auditoria were adjacent vertically as well as horizontally.

Farrat were contacted during the design phase to design, manufacture and supply a workable sound insulation system, to acoustically isolate the 21 auditoria to VOX’s high acoustic performance standards.

Mall of Egypt - Site during construction
Mall of Egypt site during construction

The Farrat Solution

Following an initial enquiry from the client’s architect, Farrat met with the main contractor and local architect in Egypt as well as the acoustic consultant in the UK, to discuss the full acoustic requirements of the project. It was determined that a minimum Natural Frequency of 12Hz was required within each theatre.

After reviewing the requirements against the Farrat range, Farrat CineFLOOR PRO was identified as the most suitable and versatile grade of acoustic isolation to configure the acoustic floating floors within all 21 auditoria.

CineFLOOR PRO is the most frequently specified grade of cinema isolation, as products within this range offer the highest ratio of acoustic isolation performance vs. price in the market.

The floors were also reinforced using CineWALL PRO as partition isolation – soon to be released to the wider market in 2019.

CineFLOOR PRO - 3D section with labels

Logistics & Installation

Once the CineFLOOR systems were manufactured, Farrat worked closely with AL Dhabi Contracting to liaise importing and installing the systems on site in Egypt.

AL Dhabi Contracting were founded in 1998 and are an authorised Farrat distribution partner in Egypt. AL Dhabi Contracting is also one of the largest drylining companies in the country and represent a number of prestigious UK drylining brands in the region, including Farrat.

Farrat handled all export logistics including packing materials in secure IPPC heat-treated pallets certified for airfreight to Egypt, as well as all export documentation including Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Conformity.

AL Dhabi Contracting then handled all import logistics including customs tariffs and delivery to site.

Once the materials arrived in Egypt, Farrat visited site on a number of occasions to inspect the integrity and placement of the acoustic isolators and to train AL Dhabi’s installation team.

Overseeing the installation process in this manner ensured that all details were correctly constructed and that the acoustic specification was fully achieved.

Mall of Egypt Export Consignment Ready for Air Freight

The Result

All 21 screens are fully acoustically isolated and open to the public at VOX Cinema, Mall of Egypt. Both the architect and the acoustic consultant are satisfied with the quality of the Farrat acoustic detailing, which meets the acoustic specification and the clients high acoustic standards.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

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Over 3,000t of Structural Steelwork Completes at Cineworld Warrington Time Square

Warrington Times Square - Steel Erected

The structural steelwork has just been erected and will house a new 13-screen Cineworld cinema complex, that will be fully acoustically isolated by Farrat.

The mixed-use scheme is set to transform a large part of Warrington town centre when it opens in early 2020.

Main contractor Vinci Construction started on site in September 2017, after a major demolition phase had been completed.  According to Vinci, the project team chose a steel framing solution for the whole scheme because of the material’s speed and ease of construction.

In addition to the 13-screen cinema complex, the project will include ground floor and mezzanine retail outlets, a new indoor market hall, a four-storey council office block and a further two-storey retail building. The new buildings will all be set around a large public square, while along the adjacent Bridge Street, the scheme’s Market Hall incorporates a Grade II listed former Boots building façade.

The cinema block has a complex design that incorporates two distinct grid patterns, one for the retail zones and the other for the cinema screens. Acoustic isolators from Farrat’s new Cine PRO ranges will be integrated within the floors, walls and steel raked seating structures to contain noise and vibration at each of these sources, to avoid disturbing the adjacent auditoria.

Farrat CineFLOOR PRO isolators will be used to configure the acoustic floating floors, complimented using our new CineWALL PRO as partition base-track isolation.

Our new CineSTEEL PRO isolators will be integrated within the raked stadia seating structures, to provide live load deflection at low natural frequencies.

The £130 million mixed use development will see completion in 2019.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

For further information:

Farrat CineFLOOR PRO used to isolate the first cinema ever constructed in Jeddah

Red Seal Mall, Jeddah
Red Seal Mall, Jeddah - IMAX

The first cinema ever to be built in Jeddah opened its doors yesterday at Red Sea Mall, fully acoustically isolated using Farrat CineFLOOR PRO systems.

The VOX Cinemas multiplex is owned by Majid Al Futtaim and has a capacity to seat an audience over 1,400 people.

The Red Sea Mall cinema features 12 screens in total, including Saudi’s largest IMAX viewing experience and three GOLD by Rhodes – a new dining concept where cinema guests can order gourmet meals directly to their cinema seats.

Farrat was contracted to design, manufacture and supply CineFLOOR PRO isolation systems for each auditorium following recent successes acoustically isolating similar VOX cinemas at The Mall of Egypt and City Centre Sharjah.

As our most frequently specified grade of acoustic floating floor, CineFLOOR PRO suffers no compromises from low mass or high stiffness isolators to achieve the high acoustic isolation performance standards required by VOX.

Full Case Study on VOX Red Seal Mall to follow.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

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The ultimate acoustic isolation grade for a new generation of 4DX Cinemas

CineFLOOR MAX-teal

We are pleased to bring to market our highest-performance and most advanced grade of commercial floating floor yet: CineFLOOR MAX.

Engineered to meet the specific and rigorous acoustic demands of 4DX auditoria, the new CineFLOOR MAX system incorporates high damping isolators to control and constrain vibration, while still providing exceptionally high levels of sound insulation performance.

Development of the CineFLOOR MAX system began following Farrat’s role in the design, supply and installation of the new Cineworld Bracknell – one of the first purpose built 4DX Cinemas in the UK – as well as several years of research into cinema motion technology. 

CineFLOOR MAX - 3D section render with labels

MAX System Features:

CineFLOOR MAX is future-proofed using the most extreme calibration routines from 4DX suppliers.

The MAX system not only isolates the vibration from adjacent auditoria, but also controls the slab response that the 4DX seats are mounted to, offering superior motion feedback and a more immersive 4D experience.

CineFLOOR MAX floating slabs can be designed with a fully fibre reinforced concrete to allow easy seat installation without the risk of hitting the rebar and self-compacting concrete can also be used to ensure high flatness tolerance is achieved, to allow vinyl or carpet to be laid directly on top of it.


MAX Design Details:


MAX Grade Suitability:

CineFLOOR MAX sits at the top end of the CineFLOOR range, engineered to provide the highest levels of acoustic isolation performance for the most demanding cinema applications – predominantly 4DX and multiplex cinemas. Our ultimate aim for CineFLOOR MAX is to enhance movie-goers’ 4DX experience and maximise value/impact for cinema developers.

To identify which grade of CineFLOOR is right for your auditorium, use our suitability table here.

Farrat has designed and delivered acoustic isolation solutions for many of the world’s largest and most striking multiplex cinema projects and the Building Acoustics team at Farrat has decades of experience creating state-of-the-art acoustic environments within cinemas.

For further information on CineFLOOR MAX, or to discuss a project, Contact Farrat Building Acoustics Team.

NEW Launch: CineFLOOR Range

CineFLOOR is the new range of acoustic floating floors designed for Cinemas, from Farrat

CineFLOOR is the construction markets first range of high-performance acoustic floating floors designed specifically for cinemas.

The new CineFLOOR range from Farrat offers designers, buyers and clients a ‘simple-to-select’ acoustic isolation solution for auditoriums of all shapes and sizes. From multiplex cinemas to boutique auditorium and private viewing rooms, CineFLOOR acoustic floating floors will keep sound constrained to its source so that you can create truly immersive auditory experiences.

All CineFLOOR systems are designed with ease of installation and follow-on trades in mind. They do not require any ongoing maintenance and will last for the entire lifetime of a building. We are so confident of this that we offer performance warranties up to 25 years – the longest in the industry.

Our engineers have also taken special care to consider build-ability, reliability and robustness in each design to ensure that the operator’s key interests are always upheld.

There are four grades in the range to reflect the most common design variables, ranging from minimum to maximum acoustic isolation performance: NEO, LITE, PRO & MAX.

To identify which CineFLOOR grade of acoustic floating floor is right for your auditorium, use our suitability table:

CINE FLOOR Grade Music Practice Rooms Recording Studios TV Studios Home Cinemas Commercial Cinema 4DX Existing Structures
X Not Often X
Not Often Not Often Check with SE
X X X X Check with SE

To view CineFLOOR key features, technical details and specifications, click here.

CineFLOOR is a Farrat Isolevel Ltd owned brand. © Copyright 2019.