Roll Grinders Overview

Solutions for Roll Grinding Machines / Roll Grinders These high precision machines are typically installed in steel, aluminium and paper mills or in precision machine shops to grind, smooth and texture rolls to very tight tolerances. Roll grinders are often required to offer over 97% availability in order to keep the rolling mill production lines in operation but in many cases they need to be installed in environments where there is significant risk of shock and vibration within ground affecting the machine’s performance.  Such disturbances can come from: heavy rolling mill machinerylathesturning and milling machinesimpact machinery, materials handling equipment such as fork lift trucks and overhead gantry cranes and even heavy items being accidentally dropped onto the ground nearby. Any of these disturbances could lead to a reduction in accuracy or even causing marks and blemishes on the roll.

Which Farrat solution is most suitable?  Our durable and high performance ranges of Machine Mounts and Isolated Foundations have been developed over time using a combination of experience, customer feedback and cutting edge innovation we are able to produce solutions to the most bespoke applications.  These applications often involve large, complex and expensive pieces of capital equipment which are consistently operating at high speeds and require a high level of precision in their output and minimal downtime. The most effective Farrat solutions to reduce shock and vibration affecting operating performance, surrounding environment, operators and equipment are:

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