Power Presses Overview

Types of Power Presses

Presses come in various categories including; MechanicalHydraulicFrictionExtrusion and Press Brake. Mechanical Presses use reciprocating crank mechanisms controlled by a clutch on a flywheel, whereas Hydraulic Presses are used mainly in drawing and forming operations where the application of smooth controlled deformation is required. They normally do not produce strong shock forces, however the hydraulic system can produce fluid impulse shocks.

What do they do?

Pressing operations are where components are Blanked, Drawn or Formed into shapes and components by placing the metal between the upper die attached to the moving slide and the lower die attached to the bolster. The press action applies an impact force by the upper die on the metal which is then deformed into the required shape.

What Farrat Products are most suitable?

By their very nature impact machinery and Power Presses will generate shock and vibration which can affect the performance of the machine itself as well propagate through the ground to disturb operators, surroundings such as floors and foundations, building structures, offices and neighbouring residents and businesses etc.

The most effective Farrat solutions to reduce shock and vibration affecting operating performance, surrounding environment, operators and equipment are:

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