Industrial Applications

Farrat has manufactured anti vibration and precision levelling mountings for industrial applications for over 50 years. We manufacture a range of products designed to control and isolate vibration and shock as well as fixing and levelling machines in industrial applications. These include a complete range of anti vibration materials, anti vibration washers and anti vibration and levelling mounts. Working closely with a trusted global network of industrial distributors and original equipment manufacturers, we have provided solutions to all manner of industrial applications, from full automotive production lines to individual machine tools and HVAC equipment, power presses, roll grinders and printing presses. Our durable and high performance range of machine mounts has been developed over time and we have used a combination of experience and customer feedback to ensure that we are constantly innovating and problem solving, however bespoke the requirement.

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‘Active Isolation’

Controlling the source of a structural disturbance is known as Active Isolation. In this instance a foundation block for a dynamic machine should be isolated to reduce the effects of vibration and shock on other nearby machines and building structure. 

‘Passive Isolation’

When it is not possible to prevent or sufficiently lower the transmission of shock and vibration from the source, a resiliently supported foundation block can be used for the Passive Isolation of sensitive equipment.