Isomat (NR, BR & CR)

A Farrat classic, Farrat Isomat is a versatile material that has proved to be a very high performance material in a wide range of construction and industrial applications.

Farrat Isomat was originally designed as a shock absorbing material for power presses but over the last 30 years it has demonstrated its capabilities in almost all areas including precision vibration control, high performance sound insulation, and Isolated Foundations. It is generally the place we start when designing a resilient support.

Isomat is available in 3 pure rubber compound types to suit the application:

    • IMNR Natural Rubber (IRHD Hardnesses: 44, 50, 62, 70) has the highest resilience and lowest level of intrinsic damping so offers the highest level of vibration isolation coupled with low creep and long lifetime of any elastomeric material
    • IMBR  (N)BR Rubber (IRHD Hardnesses: 40, 50, 70) has a high level of intrinsic damping meaning the degree of isolation will be less than NR but the damping can prove very useful for industrial applications
    • IMCR Chloroprene/Neoprene (IRHD Hardness: 45) sits between NR and CR in terms of damping if a compromise is required

Each variant is available in 2 primary thicknesses (25, 50 mm) and 2 secondary thickness (20, 37 mm)

      • Load range: up to 1.4 N/mm² (SLS)
      • Vertical Natural Frequency: down to 6.6Hz
      • Average Damping Ratio ζ: 2 – 10%
      • Standard Sheet Size: 1000 x 500 mm
Farrat Isomat Range - available in 3 pure rubber compounds to suit various applications

Why choose Farrat Isomat?

  • Manufactured by Farrat using the highest quality pure rubber compounds designed specifically for vibration isolation
  • Specially moulded shape results in supreme resilience, vibration isolation and shock absorption
  • High resilience
  • High damping
  • Low level of creep
  • Tread pattern improved grip and dynamic performance
  • Manufactured by Farrat in UK
  • Can be supplied as full sheets, cut to size pads and strips (including holes and slots if required) according to the customer’s requirements.

Industrial (BR & CR Grades)

  • Isomat Isolated Foundations
  • Anti-vibration Pads for medium weight equipment
  • Elastic support of Inertia Bases
  • Shock and vibration isolation of impact and vibration creating machinery
  • PowerPress Elastomer Bearings
  • Forge Hammer Impact Absorbers
  • Granulators & crushers
  • Guillotines
  • Gensets
  • Vibration isolation of sensitive / precision equipment
  • CMMs
  • Laboratories

Construction (NR Grade)

Note: these applications are a guide based on typical examples that we see regularly. The ideal material will depend on the specific characteristics and constraints of your application.

Paper Roll grinder supported by Farrat Isomat Isolated Foundation

Voith Paper Roll Grinder

Type: Isomat (CR) Isolated Foundation

Isomat Isolated Foundation for Printing Press

Daily Mail Printing Press

Type: Isomat (BR) Isolated Foundation

Dubai Cinema - secondary steelwork isolation for raked seating using Farrat Isomat

Dubai Cinema

Type: Isomat (NR) Secondary Steelwork Isolators

O2 Greenwich Steel Connection - Isomat Isolator

O2 Greenwich Cinema

Type: Isomat (NR) Secondary Steelwork Isolators

Farrat Isomat Floating Floor Installation

Gym, Spinningfields

Type: Isomat (NR) Floating Floor

Farrat Isomat Isolation Pads installed at Castle College

Castle College, Durham

Type: Isomat (CR) Pads

Davy Roll Union Electric - Isolated Foundation

Union Electric Roll Grinder

Type: Isomat (BR) Isolated Foundation

Farrat Isomat Floating Floor installed at the Barbican, London

Barbican Centre, London

Type: Isomat (NR) Floating Floor

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