Favim (FV)

Favim is the ‘environmentally friendly’ and economical solution to vibration isolation. Produced to be high performance and durable with excellent vibration, acoustic and impact isolation as well as exceptional damping characteristics.

  • Load range: up to 0.11 N/mm² (SLS)
  • Vertical Natural Frequency: down to 19Hz
  • Average Damping Ratio ζ: 9%
  • Standard Sheet Size: 1250 x 1000 mm

Why choose Farrat Favim?

  • Excellent impact sound insulation and vibration absorption
  • Simple & quick installation methods
  • Can be used as ‘full area’ coverage isolation or as strips and pads
  • Can be laid without bonding directly onto a consolidated hardcore base where it will, to an extent, compensate for surface irregularities
  • Produced from the highest quality recycled rubber granulate and polyurethane bonding agent in tightly controlled, state of the art manufacturing processes
  • Can be supplied as full sheets, cut to size pads and strips (including holes and slots if required) according to the customer’s requirements.
Farrat Favim Full-Area Matting used to isolate large construction in London
  • HVAC & Plant equipment plinth isolation
  • Industrial factory and warehouse facilities
  • Roof plan load spreading feet
  • Anti-vibration pads for lightweight equipment

Note: these applications are a guide based on typical examples that we see regularly. The ideal material will depend on the specific characteristics and constraints of your application.

Farrat Favim Isolated Foundation for CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machining Centre

Type: Favim Isolated Foundation

Farrat Favim material used in isolate the Barbican - London

Barbican, London

Type: Favim Perimeter Isolation

Farrat Favim usded at Goodwins Int - LVI 2010 Toshiba - for a Isolated Foundation 2

Toshiba Machining Center

Type: Favim Side Wall Isolation

Farrat Favim used for Partition Isolation


Type: Favim Partition Isolation

Farrat Favim Isolated Foundation for Power Press

Power Press

Type: Favim Isolated Foundation

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