Acoustic Top Hat Washers (AWTH)

Farrat Acoustic Top-Hat Washers (AWTH) 

Farrat AWTH Top-Hat washers are the most efficient way to acoustically isolate bolt-through connections by providing a complete separation of the bolt and the isolated structure.

Farrat AWTH Acoustic Top-Hat Washers

Why choose AWTH Acoustic Top Hat Washers?

  • Can be used in conjunction with acoustic / anti vibration pads to provide vibration isolation by providing a resilient connection where bolt through fixings are necessary for stability and security
  • If an acoustic washer is omitted then the anti vibration pad will be bypassed by the fixing bolt and will therefore offer limited isolation and the vibration can be transmitted through the fixing bolt
  • They are manufactured for durability, performance and ease of on site installation by vulcanising zinc plated washer to a Chloroprene (Neoprene) acoustic washer and sleeve (bush)
  • Good oil, chemical and fire resistance
  • Operating temperature range from –10 to +90 ºC
  • Fire rating / building material class: B2


  • Holes in steelwork need to be oversized to accommodate the isolation bush, see AWTH Datasheet
  • If oversized holes are not possible then Farrat AWR Washers, which do not have an isolation sleeve, can be used however acoustic performance may be reduced
Farrat AWTH Acoustic Top-Hat Washer in Application

Typical applications include any bolt through connection which requires isolation such as:

  • Steelwork Isolation in building structures
  • Machine tool holding down bolts
  • Isolation of studwork wall channels (in conjunction the FAVIM)
Farrat Steelwork Isolation in building structures

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